Central Valley Success

California's Central Valley contains the most productive agricultural land in the world. Its combination of good soil, mild climate, available water, and - most importantly - highly skilled, experienced and innovative farmers and ranchers has made the region America's breadbasket - and the envy of the world. Bob Giacomazzi & Sons have been farming in the Central Valley for many years.  They have survived - and thrived - through the inherent challenges in working the land in good times and in bad. An epic drought has held the Southwest in its suffocating grasp for the past three years. Valley farmers have been forced to be more creative than ever in growing the crops that feed the nation.  Conservation, advanced irrigation techniques, and efficient use of groundwater have been key. Glen Myers of Myers Brothers Drilling installed the 4th Avenue Well for Giacomazzi & Sons in 2000.  Glen's vast knowledge and decades of experience in the area … [Read more...]

Hopkins Groundwater Teams Up With WellJet

 California River Well Rehab Hopkins Groundwater Consultants, Inc. and WellJet recently teamed up to rehabilitate a river well in central California. The well was drilled in 1998 to a total depth of 60 feet, and constructed with a stainless steel wire-wrapped screen placed between the depths of 25 and 45 feet. The well originally produced at a rate of 600 fpm resulting in a drawdown of 5 feet and a specific capacity of 120 gpm/ft of drawdown. Recently, well performance and efficiency had declined, and routine monitoring indicated an increasing drawdown and a reduced specific capacity value of 40 gpm/ft. The hydrogeology consultant on the project, Mr. Curtis Hopkins, studied the well conditions and concluded that a majority of the plugging was in the formation material surrounding the well screen.  To rehabilitate the well, Mr. Hopkins recommended a combination of WellJet along with simultaneous evacuation of dislodged material via suction pump and … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With WellJet

Unless your well is free-flowing artesian, it takes energy to pump water to the surface. Producing that energy releases CO2 into the atmosphere, creating a carbon footprint. Reducing the carbon footprint of water production helps the environment, reduces the load on the electrical grid, extends the lifespan of pumps and motors – and saves you money.  WellJet (US Patent No. 8,312,930) is the world’s most advanced and effective method of water well development and rehabilitation.  An entirely green process utilizing only highly pressurized water delivered in a laminar flow through our proprietary technology, WellJet removes obstructions from 100% of the perforated area, and penetrates deep into the gravel pack to break up the harmful deposits that are the true cause of inadequate performance. WellJet® helps increase flow, improve efficiency, lower pumping costs, and reduce the amount of energy required to deliver water. Case Studies Aldo Enterprises Well … [Read more...]

WellJet Expands MidEast Operations with KAC

Continuing its trend of international growth, WellJet has joined forces with KAC Water Technologies. KAC is a full-service engineering, consulting and well-drilling firm, with offices in Jordan and Abu Dhabi.  From market research to feasibility studies, from geophysical expertise to natural resource management, KAC provides solution to the water, environmental, agricultural and mining industries throughout th Middle East and North Africa. WellJet's unique, patented technology and method for water well development and rehabilitation will complement the full range of KAC's water services. Together, WellJet and KAC, along with the previously announced partnership with Allen Global Enterprises, will offer an effective triumvirate that combines visionary leadership, cutting edge technology, and practical experience to tackle the enormous challenges facing the most water-scarce nations in our thirsty world.   … [Read more...]

WellJet Teams Up With Allen Global Enterprises

WellJet is pleased to announce its partnership with Allen Global Enterprises (AGE), for water well development and rehabilitation projects throughout the Middle East-North African region. WellJet (US Patent No. 8,312,930) is the world's most advanced and effective method for water well development and rehabilitation.  Utilizing highly pressurized water in a laminar flow, WellJet helps clients increase production, improve efficiency, reduce costs and extend the lifespan of their wells. WellJet recently completed work on the Disi-Mudawarra to Amman Water System Conveyance Project, and is pursuing further opportunities in Jordan and elsewhere in the region. Allen Global Enterprises is a US firm with international projects in the water, agricultural, mining, environmental services and security fields.   Allen Global Enterprises is a project-oriented company that brings together Specialists, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Academics and … [Read more...]

WellJet in Jordan, Part II

WellJet is pleased to announce that it has completed the first phase of its involvement in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In the rugged, remote desert east of Wadi Rum (scene of many battles during the days of Lawrence of Arabia and the 1916 Revolt in the Desert), the Disi-Mudawarra Water System Conveyance Project nears completion.  This massive international effort will pump water from the prehistoric Disi aquifer via 55 production wells, and then transport through a 200-mile pipeline to the parched capitol city of Amman. Years in the planning and years in the making, the Disi Project combines the efforts of Site Drilling, Bauer Group, GAMA Geological Systems, Diwaco, Sewco - and many other companies, experts and consultants from around the world - supported by GE Energy Financial Services, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and more - all under the supervision of Jordan's Ministry of Water and Irrigation. WellJet participated in the … [Read more...]