About Us

JG-webJEFF GLASS – Founder and President. WellJet was invented by HPC company founder Jeff Glass. Jeff is one of the world’s foremost experts on hydrojetting, with more than 30 years of experience in hydro-demolition, abrasive cutting, obstacle clearance, surface preparation, asphalt drums and silos cleaning.

Jeff has spent his entire life building tools to solve problems with high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water.  He has used his skills to dismantle shut down oil refineries, repair nuclear reactors, restore freeway overpasses, clean asphalt drums and help make aircraft carriers fit for duty.  With WellJet, he brings his expertise to the field of water well development and rehabilitation.
The result is sector-disruptive technology, the world’s most powerful and effective tool for well restoration.







MARTIN BARAJAS– Crew Chief.  Martin runs the crews in the field, supervises the shop, maintains the parts inventory, and trains the operators.  With more than 30 years of experience, Martin is able to overcome all kinds of challenges and surprises in the field.









JAVIER CONTRERAS – WellJet operator.  Javier assembles, operates, maintains and services the family of WellJet® tools in the field, in the shop and in the yard. 











MARTIN ROJAS – pump tender/driver.  “Junior” maneuvers the 40′ WellJet® truck into and out of every well site, tends the 500-hp diesel pump during WellJet® operations.  Also fabricates tools and accessories.







CHARLIE CARNER– Vice-President. Charlie is responsible for growing WellJet’s business.  He stays in touch with clients, reaches out for new contacts, runs the website, designs the graphics, writes the copy, manages the LinkedIn pages, and does whatever else is necessary to expand WellJet’s reach throughout the water well industry.