Monitoring Wells


No, we don’t mean the seafood delicacy – although it it always welcome on our dinner table.

We’re talking about WellJet’s tool for developing and rehabilitating small-bore (2″-5″) monitoring and production wells.


Calamari by WellJet

Calamari uses WellJet’s unique array of nozzles on a self-rotating head, and powerful delivery mechanism, to provide highly pressurized water in a laminar flow – removing obstructions from the entire perforated areas, and penetrating into the gravel pack to break up the harmful deposits that are the true cause of deteriorating performance.


Calamari test showing nozzles in action

Calamari works on all types of casing – PVC, mild steel or stainless.

Calamari works on all sizes and types of perfs.

Calamari works on shallow wells, and deep wells – down to 2,000′.


Calamari operating inside 2″ PVC

Whether you have an older well with blocked perfs, or a new well clogged with drill mud, Calamari will satisfy your hunger for performance.


Calamari test showing jets stimulating gravel pack

Calamari by WellJet®:

Operating pressure (PVC):  <7,000 psi

Operating pressure (steel): 10,000 psi

Diameter capabilities:  2″-5″

Operating depths: 0′-2,000′