Three years of planning and preparation bore fruit in the late winter of 2022-2023, as WellJet® mobilized personnel and equipment from California, across the fruited plain, to New England. Specifically, New Haven, Connecticut.  Birthplace of the Knights of Columbus, Yale University, and Frank Pepe’s legendary pizzeria.  Founded in 1638, New Haven is also home to the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA), a nonprofit corporation that provides 45 million gallons a day of water and related services to 430,000 consumers in the region.  Staffed by experts known for both their experience and innovation, RWA consistently pursues a Best Practices approach to operating and maintaining the wells that serve the community. WellJet® was invited to participate in a multi-well rehabilitation project for RWA.  The targets were three older wells, two of which had been drilled in the 1960s (since fitted with stainless steel liners, tending … [Read more...]

WellJet® Enjoys Biggest Year Ever

In 2022, while celebrating the 10th anniversary of HydroPressure Cleaning, Inc. receiving its patent for the WellJet® process, the company enjoyed its busiest and most successful year to date. Providing patented high-pressure hydrojetting services for water well development and rehabilitation, WellJet® worked consistently throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.  WellJet® was fortunate to team up with top drillers and pump companies like Layne/A Granite Company, General Pump, Best Drilling, Taylor Drilling, NorCal, Zim, Barbour, Pacific Coast, Empire Pump, KP Ventures, and many more.  We served agricultural, municipal, and water district clients including LADWP, Kern Water Bank Authority, Ventura Water, OMT Farms, Cal Giant, Freitas Brothers, and others. Although jetting has been around at least since the 1960s, prior to WellJet®, it was generally considered to be of limited efficacy – due to low pressures and downhole pressure loss. … [Read more...]


RESTORING WELL EFFICIENCY IN SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA In the heart of California’s Central Coast, halfway between the wineries and barbeques of Santa Maria and the golden sands of the Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge, lies the fertile agricultural acreage of Betteravia Farms/Bonipak.  Since the early 1930s, the Ferini and Ardantz families have poured their love and sweat into feeding America by producing some of the nation’s finest conventional and organic vegetables, from bok choy to romaine hearts.    Mindful of their legacy as stewards of the land, Bonipak CEO Joe Leonard has said, “As a family-owned farm, welcoming in our fourth generation of farmers, we understand the importance of preserving our land and natural habitats for generations to come. We are proud to have accomplished a model for cooperation between agricultural businesses and conservation agencies in Santa Barbara County.” Like so many farms in … [Read more...]

WellJet New Nozzle Design Test

Powerful new nozzle design to deliver even better downhole performance!  Greater penetration - volume - coverage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0wM3ytlaQA     … [Read more...]


What people are saying about WellJet® (US Patent No. 8,312,930 B1), the best-in-class, sector-disruptive, entirely green high-pressure hydrojetting process for water well development and rehabilitation: “Just turned the water on for the first time – and had to shut it off after five minutes because hoses were being blown due to the high flow and water pressure!  WellJet is the way to go!” Jennifer T., NV rancher “Looks fabulous.  Never seen anything like it!” Jason A, California water district “It’s like a new well.  Unbelievable!” Bill G, Central Valley Farmer “You really showed me.  You got back in there and broke up all that stuff, by God.” Glen M, California well driller “The well is like new. I recommend WellJet 100%.” Mike B, rancher Whether your well was drilled sixty years ago, or was just put into the ground, if it is not performing as productively and efficiently as intended, WellJet® can help. Call Charlie … [Read more...]

WellJet® Delivers Impressive Results For Nevada Ranch

The Wild West. The frontier. The wide-open spaces. Where the deer and the antelope play. To the extent that these mythological places still exist in 21st-century America, they may be found in Nye County, Nevada.  Out here, you’d best drive alertly – especially at night.  There are miles of Open Range, and the cattle complacently roaming the unfenced scrub are as black as a starless sky.  Not to mention herds of pronghorn antelope, and wild horses that run the valleys. The farmers and ranchers who work this land are a hardy, independent breed.  Miles from what we laughingly call civilization, they must be resilient and self-sufficient, as well as neighborly. The key to growing crops on this high desert soil is groundwater.  Wells are the beating heart that provides the precious fluid, allowing alfalfa to produce up to four cuts per summer. When production and yield at Railroad Valley Farms Well #4 was measured … [Read more...]