Case Study #2


IMG_0197Drew Johnson Pistachio Ranch

Mr. Johnson’s 8-year-old well suffered a severe decline in performance (53%) due to rampant iron bacteria encrustation. The well pump was maxed out at 1900 rpm, but was only generating 42 psi in the irrigation lines – 24% less than the 55 psi needed to deliver full flow to the groves.

WellJet blasted the entire perf zone from 450’-850’.

When the well went back online, it produced 97% of the flow rate that it had when brand-new. The pump generated 62 psi @ 1800 rpm – producing too much water at too high a pressure. The owner was concerned about blowing the valves on his irrigation lines. So the pump was throttled back to 1400 rpm/55 psi (saving 35% in energy costs).

Mr. Johnson was so happy with the outcome that he engaged WellJet to rehab the well on his dairy farm shortly thereafter.

Drill date:  2003

Specs:  850’ depth, 15½” ID, mild steel, louvered perfs

Original production (2003):  900 gpm

Pre-WellJet performance (2011):  420 gpm (-53%), drawdown 210’, specific capacity 2.0

Post-WellJet performance:  875 gpm (+209%), drawdown 98’ (+53%), specific capacity 8.93 (+446%)