WellJet Downhole Before-After Comparison

WellJet Gravel Pack Demo

WellJet showcases its unique ability to penetrate beyond the casing and stimulate the gravel pack.

WellJet in Action

WellJet crews deploy in the field, generating up to 20,000 psi and 10″ of laminar flow downhole.  Most wells can be jetted in a single day.


WellJet’s new tool for development and rehabilitation of small-bore (2″-5″) monitoring and production wells.  Check it out! ↓

Drew Johnson Pistachios

drilled 2003 – 850′ total depth – 15″ mild steel, louvered perfs

BEFORE: clogged perfs, severe encrustation – 420 gpm – 210′ drawdown – 2.0 specific capacity

Treatment – WellJet 18,000psi at 2.5’ per minute
Dual-swab surge + airlift by Valley Pump & Dairy Systems, Armona, CA
Chemical treatment by Valley Pump & Dairy using Redi Clean Water Well Treatment Chemicals

AFTER:  clean perfs, open pathways for water flow – 875 gpm (+209%) – 98′ drawdown (+53%) – 8.93 specific capacity (+446%)

Olvey Cotton

drilled 2006 – 520′ total depth – 15″ mild steel, louvered perfs

Original production: 1800 gpm

After treatment by WellJet, the well produced drill mud for 10 hours straight:

And then, clear water:

Net result:  the well is now producing 2200 gpm – 22% more than when brand-new!