On July 4, 1776 – 248 years ago – American patriots chose to declare their independence from their Mother Country of England, the greatest military power in the world.  Five terrible years of war followed, before the new nation was established.

The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence paid a heavy price for their courage.  Some died in the conflict, others lost their fortunes and property.  But their vision, determination and sacrifice gave birth to the freest and most prosperous society in human history.

Two and a half centuries later, we are the inheritors of this blessed legacy.  We should remember the leadership of our Founding Fathers, and honor their memory by striving to leave to our children this country even better off than when we found it.

When it comes to our use of precious groundwater supplies, one way in which we can declare our independence from unproductive and inefficient wells is to maximize their performance through proper development and maintenance.

WellJet® (US Patent No. 8,312,930 B1) is the world’s most powerful and effective tool for water well development and rehabilitation.  So don’t be enslaved to the tyranny of underperforming wells.  Call WellJet® – and declare your freedom!

God Bless America!

Charlie Carner