In this political season, everyone has something to say: candidates, spokesmen, pundits and those who tweet. At WellJet, it’s my job to come up with the words to describe our success at developing and rehabilitating underperforming water wells. Usually, I find a way.

But sometimes, even my working vocabulary is taxed beyond capacity, and I am rendered speechless.

Such is the case when recounting the rehab of Cudahy’s Tract 180 Well #6, a joint project of WellJet and Rottman Drilling, Inc.

So rather than try to paint a word picture, I’ll quote Sgt. Joe Friday from the old TV series Dragnet: “Just the facts.”

Drill date: 1988
Total depth: 1,320′
Construction: mild steel
Perforation type/zone: horizontal louvers, 514′-1,154′ (640′)
Original performance: test pump 4,500 GPM, 60′ drawdown, Specific Capacity – 75
Pre-rehab performance: Edison Test 650 GPM, 98′ drawdown, Specific Capacity – 6.6
Post-rehab performance (after two WellJet runs @ 18,000 psi + single element wire-line surge block swabbing by Rottman Drilling): 1,800 GPM (client’s desired flow), 22′ drawdown, Specific Capacity – 84

Rottman and WellJet teamed up to design a rehab plan for Well #6, and then implemented that plan with remarkable success.

If your well is not performing as it should – or as it used to – call WellJet RIGHT NOW.

There really isn’t anything else to say, is there?