On November 20, 2012, WellJet achieved one of its major goals when the United States Patent & Trademark Office issued Patent No.: US 8,312,930 B1- Apparatus and Method for Water Well Cleaning, to inventor Jeffrey Glass and Assignee Hydropressure Cleaning, Inc. (WellJet’s parent firm). All 25 of WellJet’s claims were approved.

WellJet has long maintained that our process for water well development and rehabilitation is unique; we are pleased that the USPTO agrees!

WellJet’s unique technology and process enable us to deliver highly pressurized water (up to 20,000 psi) downhole in a laminar flow, removing obstructions from 100% of the perforated area, and penetrating into the gravel pack to break up the harmful deposits that are the true cause of inadequate performance.

WellJet is the most advanced and effective tool for water well development and rehabilitation ever invented.

The patent allows WellJet to accelerate its aggressive expansion program, as we develop new markets and seek franchise partners around the world.

At the recent National Groundwater Association Expo in Las Vegas, we began discussions with representatives of companies and agencies on four continents.

WellJet’s maiden voyage into the international market begins in January, 2013, when our equipment and personnel will mobilize to Jordan to participate in the Disi-Mudawarra Water Conveyance Project.