WellJet Expands MidEast Operations with KAC

Continuing its trend of international growth, WellJet has joined forces with KAC Water Technologies.


KAC is a full-service engineering, consulting and well-drilling firm, with offices in Jordan and Abu Dhabi.  From market research to feasibility studies, from geophysical expertise to natural resource management, KAC provides solution to the water, environmental, agricultural and mining industries throughout th Middle East and North Africa.

WellJet’s unique, patented technology and method for water well development and rehabilitation will complement the full range of KAC’s water services.

Together, WellJet and KAC, along with the previously announced partnership with Allen Global Enterprises, will offer an effective triumvirate that combines visionary leadership, cutting edge technology, and practical experience to tackle the enormous challenges facing the most water-scarce nations in our thirsty world.