WellJet® Enjoys Biggest Year Ever

In 2022, while celebrating the 10th anniversary of HydroPressure Cleaning, Inc. receiving its patent for the WellJet® process, the company enjoyed its busiest and most successful year to date.

Providing patented high-pressure hydrojetting services for water well development and rehabilitation, WellJet® worked consistently throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.  WellJet® was fortunate to team up with top drillers and pump companies like Layne/A Granite Company, General Pump, Best Drilling, Taylor Drilling, NorCal, Zim, Barbour, Pacific Coast, Empire Pump, KP Ventures, and many more.  We served agricultural, municipal, and water district clients including LADWP, Kern Water Bank Authority, Ventura Water, OMT Farms, Cal Giant, Freitas Brothers, and others.

Betteravia Farms. WellJet® teamed up with Taylor Drilling to improve efficiency in this Santa Maria well by more than 450%.

Vandenburg Space Force Base. WellJet® worked with Layne/A Granite Company on this successful rehabilitation.

Although jetting has been around at least since the 1960s, prior to WellJet®, it was generally considered to be of limited efficacy – due to low pressures and downhole pressure loss. WellJet’s proprietary technology combines high pressure (15,000-20,000 psi in steel wells), laminar flow (up to 10” from the tips), and a delivery mechanism that dramatically reduces downhole pressure loss. 

This combination enables WellJet® to not only remove surface encrustation and open all types of plugged perforations, but also to generate energy into the gravel pack and near-wellbore formation – to disrupt harmful deposits that reduce well production and efficiency by impeding free water flow.

WellJet® tool test at HPC yard in Camarillo, CA. The tool is always tested before every job.

Port Hueneme. Collaboration with General Pump on this difficult-to-access well.

WellJet’s goals are successful outcomes, happy partners, satisfied customers, and repeat business.  We’re pleased to pursue those goals every day with thorough communication, attention to detail, prompt responses, and regular follow-through.

SemiTropic Water Storage District. WellJet® has successfully treated several wells for this vital Central Valley provider.

Wheeler Ridge Maricopa Water Storage District. WellJet® has helped improve performance in this entity’s wells for many years.

In addition to rehabilitating older wells, WellJet® has also proven to be an effective tool in new well development, successfully breaking down mud cake and residual drilling fluid, assisting the well to provide peak performance.  Early new well projects involved occasions in which the conventional development process failed to achieve desired results.  As the unique success of WellJet® becomes more well-known and widely accepted, it is now often being included in new well development scopes from the beginning.

City of Sanger. Quadropod in use, working with Zim Industries.

LADWP. WellJet® has teamed up with Layne to rehabilitate dozens of wells over the past several years.

WellJet® works on all types of steel or plastic wells and is effective on every style of perforation.

The WellJet® process will not damage intact steel or plastic wells.  Every element of the program – tool size, pressure, rotational speed, flow, and retrieval rate – can be adjusted based on individual well conditions, to maximize the probability of success, and minimize the risk of exacerbating any pre-existing well damage.

WellJet® is grateful to its partners and clients for the great success of 2022, and is pleased to report that the first several months of 2023 have been even busier!

We thank you, and pledge to continue serving your needs.