Recent WellJet Projects

Working with Weber Water Resources for California Water Service Group, Long Beach, CA: On site tool test, Newell County Water District, Santa Clarita, CA: Santa Paula, CA: Working with Hydro Resources, for the City of San Buenaventura, CA:   … [Read more...]

Complete Wellfield Restoration

WellJet recently teamed up with partner KAC (Khost Aqua Consulting) to complete rehabilitation of 21 wells in Southern Jordan. The wellfield serves the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company's Eshidiya mine.  Drilled in 1991, the wells had lost more than 40% of their flow. The rehabilitation process featured high-pressure waterjetting with the WellJet tools, followed by dual-swab surge-blocking, and airlifting to remove fill. The results?  WellJet/KAC rehab improved water flow an average of 120% when compared to pre-rehab performance - and 19% greater than when the wells were brand-new!  … [Read more...]

WellJet’s Successful Return to Jordan

WellJet has returned to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to team up with Khost Aqua Consult and Allen Global Enterprises to rehabilitate a series of production wells for Jordan Phosphate Mines Company. WellJet's sector-disruptive technology has restored decades-old wells to better-than-new production and efficiency. A detailed report on this ongoing project can be found on our Case Studies page. WellJet expects to follow this contract with future opportunities in Jordan, while simultaneously expanding its reach throughout the Middle East-North Africa region. Back home in California, we are as busy as ever. More to come! … [Read more...]

Thank You from WellJet!

WellJet is pleased to report that 2015 was our most successful year yet - and 2016 promises to be even more exciting.  So from all of us, to all of you... we say Thank You! We have continued to grow our business and expand our partnerships.  We have worked hard to develop and maintain our reputation for doing good work - and standing behind it.  Our goal is always to nurture long-term relationships with high-quality partners and clients. In the weeks ahead, WellJet will share more details about what we've been doing - and where we're headed.  Here's a preview: 2015 sales top record, exceeding prior year by 40%.  We expanded our reach, made new friends, learned new lessons, and are geared up for 2016. WellJet's Anaconda tool successfully debuts on 60" pipeline cleaning operation.  HPC/WellJet President Jeff Glass designed and built this powerful new tool that saves customers time and money by revitalizing clogged pipelines. WellJet returns … [Read more...]

Bakersfield Well & Pump and WellJet Combine for Success

1980s-vintage Municipal Well Restored to Better-Than-New Performance California’s multi-year drought has made headlines around the world. Rainfall in the Central Valley has been minimal, while summer temperatures soar. Demand for groundwater continues to grow – along with that for the energy required to pump it. With budgets tight, the balancing act for water systems managers seems to require the skills of a Wallenda. The City of Delano’s Well #22 was drilled in the late 1980s. Mild steel, total depth of 1,287’, ID 15.25”, vertical slot perforations from 897’-1,287’. The well was test pumped at 1,500 gpm, and delivered 1,250 gpm when put into production. As production and efficiency declined, a rehabilitation was attempted in June, 2014. Flow was restored to 1,250 gpm – but the success was short-lived; within a few months, production had fallen back down to 600 gpm. The pump was set at 500’ – and drawdown was sucking right down to the bowls. With a static … [Read more...]

Recovering Past Performance Metrics

Best Drilling & WellJet Collaborate to Rehabilitate and Redevelop a Production Well for the California Water Service Company California Water Service Company’s Well DOM 294-01 was drilled and constructed by Beylik Drilling in 1994, using the reverse circulation rotary drilling method. It features 16” diameter 5/16-inch wall thickness mild steel casing from ground surface to 740 bgs, and from 980 to 1,000 ft. bgs, with 0.070-inch horizontal louvered openings from 740 to 980 ft bgs – a total of 240 ft. of perforations. At the time of completion, static water level was 36’. The well was test-pumped to 1,500 gpm, with a drawdown of 56’. When first put into production, DOM 294-01 produced approximately 1,200 gpm with 45 feet of drawdown, for a specific capacity of 26.7. Over the next several years, the well was mostly idle for extended periods of time (due to water quality issues), punctuated with periodic pump-to-waste events. In 2012, the well was pumped … [Read more...]