WellJet Supports Vital Infrastructure During Pandemic

As the world wrestles with the devastating impact of Covid 19, WellJet has continued to perform essential services in support of vital infrastructure, by improving efficiency and production in municipal and agricultural water wells all over the western United States. Coming soon, WellJet returns to the Aloha State: Stay safe - stay healthy - stay SANE. … [Read more...]

WellJet in Hawaii

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Taylor Drilling & WellJet Team Up California Giant Berry Farms has been delighting fruit lovers with their delicious offerings for almost 50 years.  From humble beginnings in Watsonville, to international success today, CalGiant prides itself on top quality, customer service, and charitable good works.  In addition to their signature strawberries, CalGiant now grows blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, year-round.  Berries, like every living thing on earth, need water.  On CalGiant’s farms in Watsonville, Santa Maria and Oxnard, that water comes both from surface supplies, and groundwater. Groundwater production in today’s modern economic and ecological environment requires efficiency as well as output.  So when the Old Well on CalGiant’s Rosemary Ranch in Santa Maria went down, it was time to rehabilitate.  The 16” diameter, 430’ deep well had gone online in 2013, producing 500 gpm.  It was now producing less … [Read more...]

WellJet Expands Middle East Operations

WellJet has expanded it Middle East operations, teaming up with NPS Emirates for water well development and rehabilitation.  NPS has had 45 years of water well experience in UAE.   We presented our sector-disruptive techniques and processes to the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Administration: Then we mobilized to an extraordinarily efficient local hydroponics farm, where declining well performance threatened daily operations: We trained our new crews and adapted our processes to suit field conditions. Jetting and airlifting were successful in opening up the wells, improving output while reducing drawdown. This promises to be the first of many projects in one of the world's most water-challenged environments! … [Read more...]


The City of Downey’s Well #11 was drilled in 1994.  Total depth was 980’, 20” ID, with Ful-Flo Louvered perforations from 400-440, 480-640, 680-800, 840-960 (440’ of total perfs, spread over 560’ of total well depth).  Test pumping during completion yielded a robust 4,540 gpm, with 45’ of drawdown and a specific capacity of 100. Over the next two decades, performance declined.  By 2016, production was 2,572 gpm, with 86’ of drawdown and a specific capacity of 30. Static water level, which had been 65’ at the time of drilling, had dropped to 123’. Downhole video revealed severe encrustation throughout the perforated areas, generally increasing with depth, heavy nodules, with perforations heavily or completely plugged and occluded. A comprehensive rehabilitation plan was developed in concert with consulting firm Wood Rodgers, to include mechanical cleaning, chemical treatment airlift swabbing, and redevelopment via pump surging. Layne … [Read more...]


In many ways, the Van Norman Complex of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power is the nerve center of the region’s vital infrastructure. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, surrounded by the ribbons of asphalt and concrete that pulse with commercial and civilian traffic, it is here where the Los Angeles Aqueduct completes its 400-mile journey from the Owens Valley high in the Sierras. Here is where up to 600 million gallons of water per day are treated, in the Los Angeles Aqueduct Water Filtration Plant – before flowing through faucets and spigots from Boyle Heights to Beverly Hills. There’s also a substation powerhouse here. The Metropolitan Water District has a treatment plant nearby to the west, and the Los Angeles Police Department has a training facility just south of the reservoir. In and around the vicinity, the Los Angeles Fire Department conducts Search-and-Rescue training. In addition to all this important activity, … [Read more...]